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Who do I want to spend my time with?

A good life is also about having people around you, about being seen and having someone to share life’s ups and downs with. Some need many people around them, others need few, but everyone needs someone. And remember, you should also have time for yourself.

  • Stay social. What can you do to maintain networks and social relationships? Do not focus exclusively on family, children and grandchildren.
  • It is never too late to establish new social relationships. You might find them through your hobbies or other activities you are involved in.
  • Ask if anyone would like to go for a walk.
  • Meet up with a friend you have not seen in a while.
  • Visit a friend or relative who spends a lot of time alone.
  • Invite someone over for Sunday dinner.
  • Call instead of texting.
  • Sign up as a volunteer.
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