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Where do I want to live?

We often think of a home as four walls. However, it is just as much about where you are used to living. Your neighbours, friends or other people you spend time with, and the different services in your neighbourhood. In short: what will enable you to have a good quality of life and which services and service provision will be crucial for you in the years to come?

  • How far do you have to walk for your everyday errands?
  • Distance to the nearest shop, service centre and other services? To public transport? To culture venues?
  • How far is it to walk to the nearest outdoor or recreational area such as a park, green area or woods?
  • Your home is more than practical solutions. How strong are your ties to your neighbourhood? Do you have good social relationships that are important to you? Proximity to family, neighbours or networks that can offer different types of support and assistance?
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